Cameron’s Ojibway name is Zoongide which means strong heart. He was forced to leave his family at a young age due to intergenerational trauma. He moved from Winnipeg to Toronto and found himself on the streets. After only a few days, by the hand of fate, a man named Byron walked by him, stopped, and asked if he was indigenous. Cameron replied yes, and Byron, who had an extra token, took him to Na-Ma-Res on the streetcar.

Staying at the shelter opened his mind and readied his heart for forgiveness. He was able to find a new way of seeing and truly connect with his culture – for the first time.

“They opened the door, and I just walked through it. I was ready to understand.”

Taking the programs helped him gain independence and money management skills. Sitting in the circle and hearing other people’s stories made him realize he was not alone. It helped Cameron decide what he wanted to do. Music has become his passion and his calling.

Today Cameron has a young family with four kids and is following his path as a hip-hop artist. You can find him on YouTube as Damian Krypt.

The Na-Me-Res Pow Wow is on June 15th at Fort York
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