Dave is Ojibway and was born in Sault Saint Marie. When he was five years old, a fire killed his two brothers, and his sister died in a car accident. His Mom moved with him to Toronto. They lived in Regent Park, and he went to St. Paul’s school. He started causing trouble and was often in jail.

When he was 21, he had his first son. He turned his life around, started his own business, and stayed out of jail for 11 years. After going through a divorce, he turned back to drugs and alcohol. Things went downhill, and he is now just picking up the pieces.

Dave heard about Na-Me-Res when he was incarcerated. He applied and was accepted but only lasted three weeks. He returned to jail. Five years later, he was welcomed back and is now in transitional housing at Sagatay.

“If you don’t dig deep, it’s not going to work. I just started caring. I was tired of letting my kids dow. It is so good for indigenous men to have. I am so grateful for the opportunity.”

Dave has always worked in construction and works today building custom office furniture. His goals are to hold down the same job, find a place to live, stay clean, stay happy and never give up.

The Na-Me-Res Pow Wow is on June 15th at Fort York
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