Emergency Shelter

The Men’s Residence, 14 Vaughan Road

If you are homeless, we can provide temporary shelter and help find the right housing for you. The Residence has emergency beds and is open to Indigenous and non-Indigenous men.

Men’s Residence clients receive:

  • A clean, comfortable bed
  • Fresh, nutritious meals
  • Access to laundry facilities
  • Access to our cultural programming
  • Assistance in finding permanent housing

The Men’s Residence is located at 14 Vaughan Road, just south of Bathurst St. and St. Clair Avenue West in Toronto. For more information, call 1.866.626.3737 or email general@nameres.org


Transitional Housing

Sagatay: A New Beginning, 26 Vaughan Road

When you’re ready for transitional housing, Sagatay can give you the safe, supportive environment you need. The Sagatay building has 25 beds available to Indigenous men who are prepared to make the move from homelessness to permanent housing.

As part of the Sagatay program, you’ll receive:

  • A comfortable bed in an individual or shared room, equipped with washrooms, showers, and on-site laundry
  • Shared meals with fellow Sagatay clients
  • Access to our cultural programming
  • Skills development through the Apaenmowineen program

To be considered for this program, apply online below.

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Permanent Housing

Na-Me-Res has provided deeply affordable housing for the Indigenous community in Toronto for over 10 years. We have a track record of acquiring properties and converting them into attractive affordable housing for Indigenous men who have formerly been homeless.

These projects are intended to help address the acute need for more affordable and supportive rental housing for single Indigenous males of modest incomes, some with mobility issues.

To ensure a successful transition, Na-Me-Res offers dedicated supports to tenants including suggestions on how to effectively deal with budgeting, conflict resolution and other housing matters.

As deeply affordable housing units, rent is approximately 57 percent of the market rent in the neighbourhood.

O’Gitchidaa Mushkiki Wigwam (OMW)

O’Gitchidaa Mushkiki Wigwam (OMW), which loosely translates in English as Warriors Medicine House, consists of two affordable housing units in Parkdale. Opened in September 2012, it is available to Na-Me-Res clients who are transitioning to permanent housing.


Kinew Poonii Waahkiiganaan: Golden Eagle Landing

Opened in June 2019, Kinew Poonii Waahkiiganaan is newest affordable housing unit owned and operated by Na-Me-Res. Located in the Cabbagetown, this 16 one-bedroom unit building features a first floor that caters to tenants who may have accessibility or mobility issues.

Although we are pleased to be empowering formerly homeless Indigenous men with a real opportunity to grow roots and create positive opportunities for themselves, we know that there is still a long way to go in dealing with the shortage of affordable housing in Toronto.