About Na-Me-Res

Helping Aboriginal men in Toronto lead healthy, self-determined lives.

paintingIn 1985, Na-Me-Res began offering emergency shelter to Toronto-based Aboriginal men who were without a place to live. The 26-bed shelter grew quickly to accommodate the growing needs of the community and as a greater understanding of the underlying reasons for Aboriginal homelessness emerged, Na-Me-Res implemented support programs to address those causes.

Today, the Na-Me-Res Housing initiatives include:

Our Programming has also evolved to include:

teamThe Na-Me-Res team meets the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs of our clients wherever they are on their journey. We are traditional Elders & teachers, case managers, counsellors, client care and support workers, street outreach workers, housing support and aftercare workers, Registered Nurses, Oshkabaywis (spiritual helpers), and a life skills coordinator. Na-Me-Res also partners with psychiatrists, doctors, and many other community service providers.

Na-Me-Res is a registered charity that relies on the generosity of the government as well as public and private donations. Find out more about how you can support Na-Me-Res or make a donation now.

The Na-Me-Res Logo

logoThe sweat lodge is a sacred Aboriginal ritual that helps people become rebalanced and refocused. The ceremony is a step toward our connection to all living beings and the Creator. When the ritual is complete, we emerge reborn and renewed with the ability to walk the red road. To walk the red road is to know sacrifice and suffering; it is to understand humility.

Na-Me-Res proudly facilitates that transformation in our clients by providing a safe space for them to learn, grow, and thrive.